MRT Dongle V3.57 Full Working Cracked By GSM X TEAM (Paid)

sahil tech


The wait is finally over!

We want to take this opportunity to make this announcement that MRT 3.57 crack is now officially available. This means there won't be any further sales of MRT 3.21.

We have now closed all offline crack but they will all still be available for reactivation!

MRT Dongle V3.57 Full Working Cracked By GSM X TEAM

Seeing we have all 4 cracks on our new system. We can now focus on the update of the other 3 cracks.

We also want to notify you that "hw tools and hw flasher" we failed to get persons to test these modules but if you are interested as a lucky buyer, then we'll be more than happy to accept your reports so we can make the necessary improvements...

That's not all... We also want to let you know that we will have MRT 3.59 Prepared soon which your crack will be updated from v3.57 to 3.59.

If you are interested, You can contact us in a private message or you can pay directly to

Bear in mind we have resellers who will also be available to assist you with your purchase.
Thanks for taking the time to read!
We are hoping to hear from you soon!
Have a great day and Stay Safe!


  • add VIVO MTK 6765 6771 write Flash
  • such as VIVO X21i z3i y83 y93s y91 y91c y81s y3.
  • add VIVO Z5X Format Support(support remove a user to lock and account)
  • Meitu T9 V7 Unlock Support(in others Mobile, support user lock and account)
  • add MEIZU 16S 16SX Note9 Note8 X8 E3 Support (IMEI Repair\erase account\userlock…)

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