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Gsm Shield Box MTK 2.3 New Update Free Download.Gsm Shield Box MTK 2.3 New a application for windows computer ,It is supported many cpu like mtk,spd,qualcomm,nokia etc,which allows you to Factory Reset,Remove Frp Lock,Flashing,Unlocking,Format etc.

Gsm Shield Box MTK 2.3


  1. Flash
  2. Unlock
  3. Change Language
  4. Reset FRP
  5. Reset Security Code
  6. Read Unlock Codes
  7. Read Pattern
  8. Repair Software
  9. Repair IMEI
  10. Reset Google Account
  11. Direct Unlock for SPD / MTK / Qualcomm
  12. Read Codes for SPD / MTK / Qualcomm
  13. Phone Book Backup and Restore
  14. Read/Write MTK Flash
  15. Write MTK Factory Flash (flash files can be found in the support area only)
  16. Format MTK phones
  17. IMEI Repair in SP-Meta (World’s Exclusive Feature)
  18. Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection) for Qualcomm / SPD / MTK
  19. Unlock Bootloader
  20. Reset factory defaults (ZTE phones with counter)
  21. Display Codes on PC
  22. Qualcomm Read Info in Flash mode
  23. Qualcomm Read Pattern in flash mode
  24. Qualcomm Reset FRP in flash mode
  25. Qualcomm Flash Factory firmware
  26. Qualcomm Backup security item
  27. Qualcomm Backup firmware
  28. Qualcomm Change/Repair IMEI – Qualcomm Generic
  29. Qualcomm Unlock Bootloader Generic
  30. Qualcomm Repair IMEI
  31. Enable ADB Mode on OPPO phones
  32. Qualcomm Reset Pattern, Pin, FingerPrint in ADB mode
  33. Qualcomm Reboot phone in EDL from ADB Mode
  34. Qualcomm Reboot phone in EDL from DIAG mode
  35. Qualcomm Reboot phone in EDL from Pid_0006 mode
  36. Qualcomm User has the possibility to use own loader or select Manual port

GSM Shield Box MTK Module v2.3 Update

- NEW - Added support for UFS Filesystem, for supported phones.​
GSM Shield Now supports All Functions related to UFS filesystem supported phones.​

- Added functions for the following models​
Read info, Backup Security, Restore security, write firmware, reset the phone, frp, meta mode functions.​
Oukitel K10000
Oukitel K4000 Pro
Oukitel C19
Oukitel C5 Pro
Oukitel C8 4G
Oukitel K4000 Plus
Oukitel K5
Oukitel K7000
Oukitel U20 Plus
Oukitel U7 Plus
Oukitel K10000 Pro
Oukitel K3
Oukitel K3 Pro
Oukitel K5000
Oukitel K6000 Plus
Oukitel K7
Oukitel K7 Power
Oukitel K8
Oukitel K8000
Oukitel U11 Plus
Oukitel U15S
Oukitel U18
Oukitel U25 Pro
Oukitel U15 Pro
Oukitel U16 Max
Oukitel K10000 Max
Oukitel K6000 Pro
Oukitel C18 Pro
Oukitel Mix 2
Oukitel WP5000
Oukitel C8
Oukitel C10
Oukitel C12
Oukitel C16,
Oukitel C5
Oukitel C9
Oukitel U22
Oukitel U7 Pro
Oukitel Y1000
Oukitel C10 Pro
Oukitel C11
Oukitel C11 Pro
Oukitel C12 Plus
Oukitel C12 Pro
Oukitel C13 Pro
Oukitel U19
Oukitel C15 Pro
Oukitel C16 Pro
Oukitel C22
Oukitel K15 Plus
Oukitel WP12
Oukitel WP5
Oukitel C21
Oukitel C23 Pro
Oukitel K13 Pro
Oukitel WP5 Pro
Oukitel WP8 Pro
Oukitel U23
Oukitel K10
Oukitel K6
Oukitel K7 Pro
Oukitel WP1
Oukitel K12
Oukitel K9
Oukitel WP9
Oukitel WP6
Oukitel WP7

- Updated bypass security function for supported cpu's.​

Supported CPU for this function:

- Improved save Preloader function for supported CPU, exe will bypass security and will dump Preloader at the same time.
-- After will be used this Preloader to fill EMMI setting and boot the phone.
--- Phone must be functional to use this function, in case of damaged firmware, will need to use external Preloader to boot the phone.

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Compatibility:-Compatible For all Windows computer.

Licence:- Gsm Shield Box MTK 2.3  is free utility tool.

Restriction on use:-This software must not be decompiled,disassembled,reserve engineered or otherwise modifed.

Copyright (c):-Gsm Shield Box MTK 2.3  All right reserve.

File Name:-  Gsm Shield Box MTK 2.3
File Size:- 175MB
Virus status: scanned by Avast security
Download Link:Link

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